Monday, November 12, 2012

Britax car seat recall

Britax has recently recalled some of its car seats, citing the possibility that a child could bite off part of the harness and choke on it.  I hate to think about how they discovered this flaw, but the Britax website has a safety notices page where you can select a product to find out if it has been recalled.  You'll need to find the model number and manufacture date of your infant seat.

They call the harness "HUGS," short for Harness Ultra-Guard System.  The new harness was designed to be more flexible than previous models, but small pieces of the strap can come off when children bite and chew on it.  Britax will send replacement straps, made of a harder material that is more resistant to being bitten off, for registered owners of the effected car seats.  If you haven't registered yet, you can do so at

This is a good opportunity to pass along some advice we heard in one of the Isis classes we took in preparation for baby's arrival.  Always fill out warranty or registration cards for everything you get for your baby.  By registering you provide the company with contact information so that in a case like this the company can contact you directly with recall information.  Britax automatically mailed this notice, along with the replacement harness, to everyone who registered.

Attaching the straps

The video is also available here on the Britax website.

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  1. This infant car seats looks gorgeous I’m totally sure my baby would love this.


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